My name is Henning Brandt, I'm the creator and writer here. I live in Hamburg, Germany and I currently study for a Bachelor in Computer Science at the FH Wedel. I have a professional education in software development and worked on iOS Apps at a Hamburg based company concerned with solutions around ticketing and trip planing for public transportation.

In the first semester I got in touch with Haskell and fell in love with it from day one. That's also the reason for the blog title, which is meant as a joke of course. I'm far away from being a "pure" programmer (when that's even possible). Pure is a hint on a special property of functions in functional languages. Being pure for a function means it has no side effects whatsoever and will always produce the same output for a given argument.

I developed a strong passion for functional programming and learnt a lot about it. So I decided to create this blog to help me verbalize all the new things I learn during studying, to motivate myself, help me learn, gaining feedback, improve my English and hopefully help others with my posts. I will mostly blog about programming in Haskell, Swift and Objective-C, about functional concepts, mathematics and meta skills like time management, learning techniques, habits and motivation (all the things I struggle with).